Danmark – Holmsland Klit 2021


Hej igen,

another year of vacation – again spent in Denmark which I loved (although the original plans for this year had to be adapted because of Corona regulation …).

The region around the Ringkøbing Fjord and the spit Holmsland Klit – an evergreen for me. And despite so many visits in the region, photography never gets less exiting. It’s because the area with it’s superb light, the coast and sea but also the more calm fjord side always show new faces. Heather, Dunes, Lighthouses, museums, cozy towns, harbors …

Corona paid it’s own tribute – Scandinavia and by that Denmark were flooded with tourists – a situation I regret (but hey, I am tourist as well …). The weather was this time more Danish (some rain and mixed conditions, but also lots of sun and fun).

Time for reading, time for photography (morning, day and night) , time for checking out new attractions for my West Jutland guide, meeting friends (!) and – standing up for sunrise twice this time (yes, it’s so hard to stand up early during vacation I have to admit). I forgot – lots of food, too much to prevent a heavy increase of weight – every portion was worth it though 🙂

As promised – images, nothing else … here you go …

Vi ses,
your Mr.Mooseman



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