MariLuna – A mermaid’s model shoot


Rainbows and mermaids are proof
that imagination and beauty go hand in hand.


Hi there

with this quote of unknown origin this most unusual and intriguing post in a portfolio usually dominated by travel, landscape and nature photography starts.

It was a completely new experience – and one of the most mesmerizing to enter a new domain of photography with an absolutely awesome and beautiful model – at this point thanks so many times to Giuliana – embodying, representing and living Mermaid MariLuna.

Giuliana’s persistent dream of being a mermaid enjoys more and more people, when she performs in adventure pools and water parks in the region.

More easy was the environment of our shooting I had the pleasure to do with MariLuna: Studio conditions and dry. Although the indoor temperatures – powered by the some hundred watts of the studio flashes’ modelling lights – during an anyhow hot summer evening in June were dehydrating and sweaty. Maybe optimal conditions for a mermaid?

Not much more to say – get charmed by a most beautiful woman and dive into a world of fanstasy – Enjoy!

Never stop dreaming,
your Mr.Mooseman



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