Lost Places – Porcelain & Gingerbread factories


Hi again,

Lost Places have a magical atrraction to me. Getting into such places with their memories, buildings, equipment and the shadows of past times makes me shivers – and taking out the camera …

One word beforehand: Many urban explorers take their adventure from illegally entering such places. I don’t (maybe I am too fearful). But really comprehending and grasping such a site takes time, so from a photography point of view it is much better (real urbexers might say easier 😉) to just  concentrate on the site and it’s depicition without looking behind your shoulders every now and then.

This location in fact are two: An old and famous porcelain manufacturing site (which is really huge although only two of the four stores can be entered) and a much smaller abandonded gingerbread factory (the company still exists, but has moved and extended their business). Both can be rented in one run and are located in Arzberg (Upper Franconia) not too far from where I live.

As promised – images, nothing else … here you go …

See you in the past,
your Mr.Mooseman



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